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Designed to be supplemental classes for kids in the Martial Arts program.
Other students are welcome to join as well.

Power and Coordination: Jump, Twist, Flip, and Roll

Designed to be a supplementary program to elevate students martial arts sequences and forms for competition. It is not required to take martial arts classes in order to sign up but it is highly encouraged. We start by teaching the fundamentals and incorporate many drills to help improve and attain skills.



Ages 3-5


Learn fundamental shapes and positions, coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility. This class is a great introduction to structured movement for kids. This may also be your students first introduction to structure in a classroom and may help them adapt faster once they start school or other group programs.


Ages 6+


Learn basic skills like a cartwheel, forward roll, bridge, backbend, backbend kickover, and jumps. This class will help you progress faster in our martial arts classes.


Ages 7+


Learn skills like roundoff, back/front walkover, backward roll, and handstands. Some of the skills learned in this class may be added to your martial arts forms.

private lessons

Ages 3+

Great for students who wants to improve or learn specific skills or if you want extra practice.

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