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Students will learn some of the world's most famous martial arts. Although this school is known for its Taekwondo/Karate/Extreme Martial Arts programming, children will also learn Muay Thai Kickboxing, Hapkido and Jiu-jitsu. Our curriculum is set to rotate between Taekwondo, Karate, and kickboxing one week and the following week Jiu-Jitsu and Hapkido self-defense. Belt promotions will be held every other month to potentially earn a stripe. When students gain their third stripe they are qualified to test for next rank.  Students younger than 5 will be tested for junior yellow to add time to gain skills necessary for a full rank. 



White, yellow, and orange belts

Students will learn:
1-3 Taegeuk 
XF 1-3

8 basic hand strikes

8 basic kicks

8 basic blocks
Basic jumping kicks
First 6 self-defense and hapkido techniques


Their first ground self-defense techniques of the trap and roll series.


Purple, blue, blue 1, and green belts

Students will learn:

Taegeuk 3-6 
XF 4-6

To piece together combinations of basic strikes 
Intermediate kicking techniques
More self-defense techniques for varying scenarios
Drills to pressure test self-defense techniques
Ground techniques such as punch block series 
To use Kama techniques or Bo staff

Students should be competing at this rank.


Green 1, red, red 1, brown, brown 1 belts

Students will learn:

Taegeuk 7-8 and Koryo
XF 7-9

Advanced kicking 

Advanced boxing combinations
Advanced sparring techniques 

Advanced grappling techniques
Bo staff techniques and nunchucks  


We require students to participate in kickboxing weekly to show the athleticism of a black belt. 


Students will learn:
Geumgang and Kanku Dai Kata 

XF 10-12 

Black belt level hapkido techniques
Traditional Shotokan kata as well as the original Palgwe forms to return to their roots


Advanced grappling 


Sword techniques

Students will compete at local tournaments to improve black belt skills.


Students testing for a second degree must spend a minimum of 1 year at their rank before progressing and learning additional curriculum. 


Our kickboxing program is a high intensity class where not only will you learn the skill of kickboxing, but you will get a great workout. An average class will burn a total of 500-700 calories. 


All students have the potential to learn martial arts, however, sometimes students need extra help. They may have trouble learning, understanding a form, certain techniques may be
challenging, they may be extremely motivated to be the best they can, or they cannot make it to a class and still want an opportunity to train. Whatever your reason for doing a private lesson is, it will accelerate the learning process and provide a great additional workout.

What to expect after yellow belt


Our students are required to now have some fundamentals in striking and grappling arts along with their 2 basic forms. They will also be introduced to their next set of forms and begin working on more advanced techniques, this includes sparring (personal gear required). Students will continue to develop foundation in their martial arts until reaching the rank of purple belt where they will join our advanced class. 


Advanced belts 

Children in our advanced group will begin training for their black belt test where they will be required to show all the knowledge they have achieved as well as begin their more advanced curriculum. They will train to compete and perform in our advanced performance team. 

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